Forging Destinies

Day 0
The meeting of the Misfits

I've been in Neverwinter my whole life. Big town for big people. You got to be tough to survive and I'm the toughest. Bob Strongman's the name with my little buddy, Mr. Muscles. Need muscles? Look no further.

Welp, like most nights, I was at the my local watering hole the Scoundrel & Flask, hanging with my bud Jaggo. We were just shooting the shit, comparing hands, when he told me about a group in dire need of a strongman, a Bob Strongman. He gestured to a table where I saw a tiny gnome, two dwarves, and what looked like a six foot human. He didn't look that tough though. These guys needed my help and Bob Strongman was here to step up.

"Hey guys, heard you need strongmen. Bob Strongman here to help," I said smoothly pulling up a chair.

Corryn Wilgrim was the first to introduce himself. A Gnome Wizard with a familiar weasel named Warren. He seemed keen to find out more about what lies in the mines and any new magics and history to be discovered.

He introduced his friend, Xanian Bloodbearer. It seems they know each other from the Artisan Guilds. Xanian is a quiet carpenter. He mumbled something about sinful liars or something. I didn't quite catch it. Not really a drinker though, pious paladin type.

A real gorgeous dwarf named Amber Lightfoot introduced herself. Apparently she's a real home town hero! One of the best rangers around and I'm so glad we have a good ranger on our team.

She seemed to take issue with my statement that I was the manliest man at the table and challenged me to a drinking contest. Little does she know, ol' Jaggo and I have a real good scheme going with these drinking contests. It's a good way to fool a fool out of his money. She really held her own though and lasted 15 drinks! I've seen orcs go down hard in half the drinks that dwarf consumed. Corryn wasn't even participating but seemed to over-excite himself and passed out too. We're going to have to look after that one.

No worries though as me and Xanian took these guys to bed. I'm sure with Xanian's height, such an excellent ranger, a wizard, and a real strongman, this adventure will be a walk in the park. wink

Meet Me in Phandalin
Gundren Rockseeker requires a supplies escort

Gundren Rockseeker is looking for a group to escort a wagon to Phandalin from Neverwinter. The escort should take 3 days by road.

To be paid 10gp each by the owner of Barthen's Provisions in Phandalin upon delivery of the wagon safely to that trading post.


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