Corryn Wilgrim

Gnome Wizard


OrcPub 2 Character Page

• Age – 22.
• Height – 3 foot 3 inches.
• Hair colour – Dark Brown.
• Eye colour – Green.


Corryn is a dreamer, always has been. Since he was a wee child growing up around Daggerford he shirked his duties, preferring to spend his time reading fantasy novels, pretending to be a hero in the stories he read. When he wasn’t filling his mind with tales of wonder, he was off playing pranks on hapless village-folk.

With his father, THEADRIC, constantly traveling on business for The Company (officially titled THE VOLESWORTH HOLDING COMPANY) Corryn became a pampered mothers-boy. His mother, MARIGOLD, did love him dearly though and often overlooked his mischievous behaviour.

His life changed when the resident wizard was replaced with a younger man who found Corryn’s youthful exuberance to be delightfully amusing. He took Corryn under his wing and taught him all he could. Fueled by the desire to be a mighty hero like those in his storybooks, the young Halfling dedicated himself to his studies.

When he came of age, however, the apprenticeship ended and he was called to join The Company, as all male family members had done. He was assigned a minor position in the Neverwinter offices, and with a heavy heart he left his childhood home near Daggerford.

At first he held hopes that he’d soon move to a traveling role, like his father had. However his lack of interest in his tasks and his whimsical outlook did not sit well with his superiors in Neverwinter. After being moved around a number of departments within the company structure, he finally ended up in a small closet room attached to the ARCANE APPRAISALS branch. His skill at handling magic items kept him employed, but his hopes and dreams slowly died upon the shaky wooden table in the small, dark office room.

After a monotonous year at The Company things changed drastically, all at once. Tales of the ‘Lost Mines of Phandelver’ began to circle the rumourmongers of the city. Noting Corryn’s obvious interest in the stories, a plan formed in the cold, calculating mind of ETHELDA BORSHART, Department Head of Arcane Appraisals. Here was her chance to kill two birds with one stone.

She tasked Corryn with the duty of investigating the rumour, discovering if there is any truth to the tales and, if so, identifying any opportunities for The Company to invest resources in a ‘business expansion venture’. She wouldn’t have to look at Corryn’s smug know-it-all face so often, and there was a slim chance that the Halfling might actually prove useful to the business… for once.

For Corryn’s part, he was delighted. This was his chance to see the world and prove himself an asset to his employers! To really live up to the Wilgrim family name that was often spoke with such reverence in the office hallways. This was Corryn’s one shot at being a hero!

Corryn Wilgrim

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